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Is it a successful surgery

As mentioned earlier that the number of knee replacement surgeries have increased from 40k annually in 2012 to 7 lac in 2016. The tremendous increase in the figure suggests the success of the surgery. Even in our society more and more people are going for the procedure. The successful knee replacement depends upon three important factors which i have mentioned later in this article. 

The pain remains after the surgery 

One of the major factor in stopping the patient from knee replacement surgery is seeing people who have undergone the procedure and are still limping or still experiencing the pain. It is disheartening to see such patient. It gives a set back to arthritis patients who are genuine candidate for knee replacement…..

Knee replacement is meticulous surgery which not only involves exchange of damaged cartilage and bone with metal and plastic prosthesis but also balancing the tissues around the knee. The tissue around the knee gets damaged and contracts due to prolonged deformity and this needs repairing and releasing this tissue to balance it properly…. Its like everytime we change the tyre we get our car’s alignment corrected the same applies for knee replacement. The tissue balancing plays a very important role in knee replacement and if not done properly than it leads to pain as well as short life span of the artificial joint. Experience of a surgeon plays an important role in this….. Many a times the pain due to other pathologies of spine or hips are wrongly related to the surgery and it gives discredit to the surgery. 

It’s a painful surgery and painful recovery

There is no deny to the fact that a knee replacement surgery is a painful procedure…..even a single injection in our body cause pain than comparatively the replacement is a far more extensive procedure…. It not only involves cutting open the joint but also removing the damaged bones. But as i mentioned earlier the modern era medicine has improved exponentially so is the pain management post surgery…… during the surgery we inject the tissue with mixture of few advanced drugs which is called “Cocktail” and it brings down  the postoperative pain drastically…… the pain is a subjective phenomenon and perception of pain varies from person to person….. But with the help of the cocktail we are able to suppress the pain completely and for the same reason we are able to make the patient stand and walk on the same day of the surgery……. This new innovation has brought wonders in the rehabilitation protocol after the surgery…. It brings huge amount of confidence in the patient and they are able to take the challenge of getting back to normal life with motivation….

I will be bed ridden for many weeks…….. 

Another myth among patients is fear of being in bed for months after the surgery….. As i mentioned earlier that with the help of newer innovation we are able to make the patient stand and walk the very same day than question of remaining in bed for prolonged time does not arise…. Patients are made to climb stairs the next day…and in 48hrs after the admission most of the patient are sent home…. Patients are able to perform their daily activities without help…. The physiotherapist attend the patient at home till the dressing is removed and that is two weeks after the surgery…… 

I like to sit cross legged and after surgery it is not going to be possible…….. 

Sitting cross legged or in palthi position is very much possible after the surgery. What i don’t suggest my patients is to not to sit on floor or do any ground level activity….. As  While getting up from ground level there is excess pressure on the knees which can go upto 2 times more than the body weight and it causes wear and tear in the artificial joint….. Sitting on floor once a while is ok but repeated sitting reduces the life of the joint…… 

I will need revision surgery within few years…….

It’s a common myth among the patients that the  artificial knees lasts only a few year and they will require the another surgery within few year. The quality of the artificial prosthesis have improved significantly and its wear and tear has reduced to negligible level…. Even the surgical techniques have improved…. 

Three main important factors for a successful knee replacement procedure is “Experienced surgeon, Good quality implant and Proper operation theater”. If all these criteria are fulfilled properly than the artificial knee has the life of 20 to 25 years…. 

Dr vivek sharma has experience of more than 10 years in joint replacement.

He is gained his experience from Germany